Sukot in Rehovot

Sukot is a very special time of year in Israel and especially in Rehovot. The pace seems to slow down a bit, the summer heat has passed, and kids are off school, enjoying a short break before they get back to their studies. Over the past few years a number of people in the community have taken on a project of building a community Suka. David and Chaya Tannor, together with other members of the Berman Shul and the Havayot Rehovot, have created a “Sukat Shalom”, a Suka of Peace for the community to enjoy.

The project starts with volunteers erecting the huge structure the week before sukot and various groups of children decorating it with a variety of handmade decorations. Then, day after day, adults and kids come to the Suka to enjoy the programs that have been arranged for the community.

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