Religious Life

Rehovot is a city with a sizeable dati community. Rabbi Simcha HaKohen Kook is the Chief Rabbi of Rehovot. Rav Kook is the grand-nephew of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook.

With over 130 synagogues there are enough types and locations to satisfy all streams of Jews.

Schools include: Noam, Mamlachti Dati, Bais Yaakov, Cheder, and other schools.



Rabbanut of Rehovot & Moazta Datit Rehovot
2 Goldberg Street
Rehovot, Israel
Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook – Chief Rabbi

Tel: 08-936-2665
Fax: 08-936-2755

Mikvaot for Dishes

Mikvaot for dishes are located in various places around the city including at a number of housewares stores.

1) The mikva in Marmorek – in the back, downstairs (outside the building).
2) The Central Mikva on Rehov HaShoftim has a mikva for keylim and there’s parking there, but it’s been non-usable for over a year

3) The mikva for keylim at the Vishnitz shul on Rehov Sireni is very convenient. The mikva is outside the shul and there’s parking on the street nearby.
4) There is a store on Herzl south of Yaakov on the (East side) that has an outdoor mikva.

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