Rehovot Shopping


Rehovot has lots of stores on Herzl, and one of Israel’s largest shopping plazas is located about 5 minutes from the southern end of the city. Bilu Center has everything you would need and the Home Center across the street is known to be one of the best stocked branches in the country. There are lots of choices for small neighborhood makolets and large grocery stores such as Supersol Deal, Mega and Yochananof.


There are a number of supermarkets in the Rehovot area.

Starting from the North:

  • Across the city limit in Nes Tziona is the Power Center. There is a large Supersol there as well as an Ace Hardware.
  • In the area of the industrial zone of Rehovot there are three stores to choose from. The closest is Mega, then a new Supersol and a Yochananof. All are very large stores with excellent selection of product.
  • On the south end of the city at the Rehovot Junction (Tzomet Rehovot) there is a Yochananof. Not far from there is another large Supersol that just opened.

“The Mall”

The mall in Rehovot, as in all Israeli cities, is called a canyon. The large structure also houses the municipal offices, the ministry of transportation as well as the Tachanat Merkazit (central bus station). The lower level contains a food court with a large selection of eateries. There used to be a problem with people smoking in the mall, contrary to current smoking legislation. The city corrected the problem and is enforcing the law.


Besides the numerous small hardware stores found on Rechov Herzl, there are a number of big box harware stores with large selections and decent pricing. Customer service is not the same as in North America nor is the selection as large but, the stores are heading in that general direction.

  • Ace Hardware at the Bilu Center
  • Ace Hardware at the Power Mall in Nes Tziona
  • Home Center across from the Bilu Center

There is a specialty hardware store at the southern end of town that carries part sfor Trissim. They will even cut trissim to fit your window. We received the following directions: drive on Herzl in the direction of Bilu, past Rechov Ezra. At some point you will see a gas station on your right. Turn right just before the gas station, i.e., the gas station is on a corner, so turn right on the street of/before the station. After that right turn, drive down the block and turn right at the first street and park your car. The “store”, which is more of a big lot/chatzer, is on your left.

Herzl Street

Herzl is the main street of the city. You can find almost anything you need on Herzl. We have been living here for almost a year and we still spend time exploring the little “passages” that make up the small alleyways between buildings. Hidden in these “passages” are a variety of stores that help make Rehovot the interesting city it is today.

Just this morning we came across a neat store tucked away behind Herzl 173 called White Elephant. White Elephant or HaPil HaLavan, in Hebrew, sells consignment and used clothing, chatckas and some antiques. It has been around for 30 years and Naama, the owner, takes pride in the quality merchandise she stocks. If you can’t find them, give them a call and Naama will help you find the store 08 946-4713.

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