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Keshet Mazkeret Batya

Although not technically in Rehovot, Keshet Mazkeret Batya and Pelech Kiryat Ekron are both located just south of Rehovot are are easily accessible by bus or sherut.

Keshet Mazkeret Batya describes themselves as an urban community that aspires to bring secular and religious families  together to take an active part in creating a community together.

The community was founded on the idea of “living and educating together”. The educational institutions of the community, which include kindergartens, an elementary school and a junior high, are built on the principle of co-education in which secular and religious children learn side-by-side. Community life revolves around the Jewish calendar, and is expressed through a variety of cultural events, rituals and conversational gatherings.

Our educational vision is based on our aspiration to create a shared society that preserves the uniqueness of each identity group while respectful dialogue is maintained. The entire school community – students, parents and educational staff, represent a variety of opinions and views, some of which perceive the Jewish heritage as a cultural and historical source of inspiration, while others build their lifestyles with a deep commitment to the Jewish traditions.

The community depends on the voluntary activities of its members, and in this spirit, a variety of activities take place throughout the year for families who are members of the community.


Pelech Kiryat Ekron

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