Real Estate Lawyers in Rehovot

Lawyers in Rehovot

You need a lawyer to negotiate the contract and make everything happen on time. Most Rehovot lawyers charge 1% plus VAT. Legal fees vary and you must establish ahead of time what that fee will be. If you are still negotiating and there is a possibility that the deal may not go through, check with your lawyer to see if the lawyer will charge for any work done. Most local lawyer figure that you will buy another apartment through them and do not charge for their time spent.

Ari Edelman

Tel. +972 8 9491510

If you are an Anglo and have limited Hebrew skills it is advisable to use a lawyer who speaks your language. Below are a few lawyers that I am familiar with. We used Ari Edelman and I found him to be honest, thoughtful and great guy to deal with.

Yaacov Epstein

Tel. +972 546422750

Yaacov Epstein divides his time between Jerusalem and Rehovot and is a native English speaker.

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