Real Estate Agents in Rehovot

Real Estate Agents

One of the most popular agents in Rehovot is Eldad Ziv. Eldad is fluent in English and Hebrew and has helped many residents buy or rent apartments. If you are looking for a great agent, talk with Eldad.

Another agent that we used in the past to view apartments is Benny Sheiba. He speaks English.

Shmulik at Tevel Nechasim

We dropped in to see Shmulik at Tevel Nechasim. We met Shmulik last year when we were looking to buy an apartment that he represented. He is well connected and a real “go-getter” which can work in your favor. He mentioned to us that the rental market is not like the sales market. Units are put up for rent and are “here today and gone tomorrow”.  Another consideration is that rental contracts are usually from summer to summer since people don’t like to move their kids in the middle of the school year.

Shmulik can be reached at:

Diyur Plus is a popular real estate company in Rehovot.

I spoke with Yogev Oved (in English), and he told me about his listings.

Land Appraisals

Ari Seban specializes in land appraisals and can be reached at:

Many agents check the papers and websites and then show you the listing they found. They usually take a month’s rent as a fee. If this saves you time it may be worth paying the extra money for the agent to find you the unit.

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