Kfar Gevirol

By Yisrael Gerstenfeld

Kfar Gevirol (also known as the Ibn Gevirol neighborhood), located just north of Yavne Road on the west side of Rehovot, combines the best of rural country living with the advantages of the city. Adjacent to the new upscale Rehovot Haholandit neighborhood, Kfar Gevirol consists of southern and northern areas of townhouses and semi-detached homes (“b’nai bet’ha”), with apartment blocks in the center of the neighborhood.

A new highway and set of interchanges currently being built will provide direct access from Kfar Gevirol to Route 42 and the Tel Aviv area. Since Rehovot’s biggest problem has traditionally been transportation bottlenecks getting in and out of the city during rush hour, this new highway will provide a major advantage to residents of the neighborhood.

Kfar Gevirol boasts a number of well kept parks and playgrounds, and is a short ten minute walk from the new Sportek recreational area currently under construction. The extensive Sportek complex will include a number of diverse sports facilities, including what is targeted to be Israel’s largest playground area.

Kfar Gevirol has two grocery stores, a stationary/toy store, a post office branch, and a great new pizza place. The local population is a mixture of religious, traditional, and non-religious, with good relations and mutual respect between all groups.

A number of synagogues can be found in the neighborhood, with additional ones located a short walking distance away. An active B’nai Akiva group meets locally on Shabbatot.

The public religious Sinai elementary school is a five minute drive away, with free bus transportation provided by the city. Within the neighborhood, the Begin elementary school provides a secular alternative. A new community center (“Matnas”) offers children an assortment of afternoon and evening clubs (“chugim”).

The southern area of semi-detached homes was built about 13 years ago. In many families there, the children have already grown up and moved away. Consequently, a number of reasonably priced, well kept homes are now on market, as empty nest parents plan to move to smaller accommodations. Each of these homes has five or more bedrooms built on approximately 300 square meter lots. Most have basements that can be rented out separately. Semi-detached home prices generally range from about $240,000 to $260,000. Townhouses range from about $190,000 to $200,000.

The northern area of semi-detached homes is newer, and was built about 7 years ago. Homes here were built on larger lots, and range from $280,000 to $350,000.

If you’re looking to bring up your children in your own private home with a large back yard, in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, and pay no more than the price of an apartment in the center of town, you may want to consider Kfar Gevirol.

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By the way, I am not a realtor; I’m just happy to live here

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