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I want to recommend MeteorIT — מטאורית מערכות מחשבים ותקשורת בע”מ — for computer sales and service. I have a computer that I purchased from them more than 3 years ago. The power supply was making some weird noises today, getting progressively worse. In a panic, I took it to them, and they switched out the power supply on the spot. The bill was less than I expected.
We have been buying our computers from them for years and have always found them to fast when building new computers (you can custom-order based on your computing needs) and/or when servicing them. I honestly wouldn’t go anywhere else.
MeteorIT also sells monitors. Currently, they have a sale going on laptops for students.
If you need a computer, contact Miki Shatz:, 08-936-4191. The office is located in the industrial area on the north side of Derech Yavne / Derech HaYam at 27 Eli Horovitz St, 6th floor. There is no showroom. If you call (or email) and explain your computer needs, they can send you a quote.
Alison Epstein

Phone: 08-936-4191
Address: 27 Eli Horovitz St, 6th floor
Last updated: 26/09/2018
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