Adat Shalom-Emanuel

A Conservative shul called Adat Shalom-Emanuel is located on Rechov Miller 6, just east of Herzog.

Adat Shalom-Emanuel is one of Israel’s most active Conservative congregations. Founded in Rehovot in 1970 by immigrants from North America, Adat Shalom-Emanuel is today the spiritual home of over 160 families. These include native Israelis and immigrants from all over the world: Latin America, North America, the UK, Russia, Australia and France. It remains the only Conservative (Masorati) congregation in the community and is in fact the only non-Orthodox synagogue from Nes Ziona to Ashdod.

Shacharit on Shabbat starts at 9:00 AM.

You can learn more about them from their website or by contacting Rabbi ‎Mikie Goldstein 08-946-9180.


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