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This site has been a collaborative effort by many residents of Rehovot. The resources page is made up of suggestions from residents of Rehovot who have had experience with the vendors.

We would like to say thank you (in no particular order) to:

The Municipality of Rehovot's Office of the Dover

Jeremy Schiff

Shelley Schwarzbaum

Sara Feigelson

Sidney Cohen

Yisrael Gerstenfeld

Stephen Epstein

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Kfar Gevirol

Kfar Gevirol (also known as the the Ibn Gevirol neighborhood), located just north of Yavne Road on the west side of Rehovot, combines the best of rural country living with the advantages of the city. Adjacent to the new upscale Rehovot Haholandit neighborhood, Kfar Gevirol consists of southern and northern areas of townhouses and semi-detached homes ("b'nai bet'ha"), with apartment blocks in the center of the neighborhood. Read More>>>